Egg My Yard!

How fun would it be for your kiddos to wake up and find that the Easter Bunny has visited their house and left some of his eggs filled with goodies?!

So, how does it work?

-Choose how many eggs you want stuffed and delivered to your home, as well as what night (Friday night—April 10, or Saturday night—April 11).

-You provide your address

-You and your kiddos will wake up to a yard filled with eggs and a personalized note from the Easter Bunny left on your doorstep.

Please place orders by SUNDAY, MARCH 29.

This Easter Bunny can only deliver to Lisbon, ND front yards.



What if I don't live in Lisbon?

Although this Easter Bunny will only be delivering to Lisbon, ND front yards, you can still order eggs! We'd be happy to pre-fill eggs for you to pick-up with a personalized note for your kiddos to be used when and where you want. If you feel so inclined, monetary donations are welcome as well. Part of the profits this year are going to another unsuspecting local couple that are also trying to start their family.

What is in the eggs?

The eggs will be filled with assorted candies and fun trinkets!

You mentioned that part of the profits are being donated to another local couple. Can you tell me more?

Throughout our journey over the past 6 years of infertility treatments and now into adoption, we have had many couples reach out to us with questions and thankfulness for being so open. We know the financial hardships that come with infertility and adoption, so we want to pay it forward and help another couple out. Part of the profits from this year's 'Egg My Yard' fundraiser will be given to a local couple that has been struggling to start their family. For their own privacy, we won't be sharing their names or their specific story's details.

Where are the Gerdings at in their adoption process?

We are currently just in the waiting phase. We are waiting for an expectant mother to choose us to parent her child and then we go from there! Once we are chosen and baby is born, we will have to spend about two weeks in whichever state baby is born in. We have to wait for what is called ICPC paperwork to clear. That paperwork gives us permission to cross state lines and leave with baby. Along with the expenses of being in another state for 2+ weeks, there will also be significant lawyer fees. This is what the 'Egg My Yard' fundraiser's profits will go towards. Should we still be waiting come July, we will also have to pay to have our homestudy updated. They must be updated yearly.

Is there anything else I can do to help?

We are always grateful for prayers and positive thoughts! You can also follow our story on Facebook on our page "The Gerdings -Hoping to Adopt". Feel free to share our posts from there as you never know who may see it! Many families are matched with expectant mamas through the power of social media. You can also share our website through our agency:

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